The Guardian Scholars Foundation has partnered with the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines to receive donations.  We are overjoyed to receive a donation of any kind and any amount.  The Foundation also offers the option to sponsor a student.  Once a student has been selected we will provide the sponsoring donor with information about them, such as their name, background, where they are attending college, the degree they hope to achieve and what they plan to do with it, etc.  The promise to sponsor a student involves giving $8,000 a year for up to five years ensuring that they receive a quality education, build a family of support, and break the generational problems associated with youth from the foster system.  Aiding a foster youth in creating the foundation from which the rest of their lives will be based is truly invaluable.

To donate online
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make checks payable to
guardian scholars foundation

and address it to: 

the guardian scholars foundation
3775 EP True Pkwy, Suite 254
West Des Moines, IA 50265