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Kerstin, Iowa State University

Kerstin is from Goose Lake and will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Iowa State University. In high school she was on the Honor Roll for 8 semesters and also served as President of the I.T. Club. Her personal interests include music, the arts, theater and student government.


Christian, University of Iowa

Christian is from Sioux City. He is interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Education because he feels it is a field in which he will be able to help the most people. He believes that achievements are made through our mistakes and our differences.


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Adam, University of Northern Iowa

Adam is one of our selected scholarship recipients who will be attending University of Northern Iowa this fall. Adam is interested in literature, ancient history and business management. He likes woodworking, art, songwriting and the outdoors. Welcome Adam! We see a bright future for you.



Makayla, Grand View University

Makayla has been inducted to the National Honor Society and has received numerous awards for her artistic abilities. She is entered in English, ceramics, drawing and painting. She is majoring in social work and minoring in psychology.



Chelsie, Buena Vusta University

Chelsie is from Shenandoah. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Services. She is proud to have become a licensed foster care provider. She lives by her motto of “not letting the cards you were dealt determine your success, but instead becoming successful by throwing away the cards you were given and getting yourself a new deck.”

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Haley Hines


Marc is interested in Engineering, Math and Business. He is pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering and Software Development. He likes weightlifting, basketball and volunteering at church. Referred to as a leader and an independent by past teachers, he has a bright future in front of him. 

Isaiah, Iowa State University

Isaiah is excited about pursuing a degree in computer science at Iowa State University, specifically in software engineering. While in high school he built, and programmed a surgical robot arm and discovered his passion for computer programming.  He likes reading, listening to music and being with friends.  He wants to make his family proud and prove that he can do anything he sets his mind to. 

Shania, Iowa State University

Shania always keeps her mind on the future to overcome any obstacles she encounters along the way. She is thrilled to be at University of Northern Iowa and has interest in Psychology and sociology. She enjoys hiking, animals and art. Shania wants to spread love and kindness through creativity.


Kasandra, Loras College

Kasandra holds records in cross country and track at her high school and runs cross country and track at Loras. She plans on pursuing a degree in Kinesiology and minor in coaching and psychology. She has a passion for community service and giving back to the community.

Nicole, University of Northern Iowa

Nicole wants to help children realize the importance of a good education and has a passion for advocating for kids with special needs. She plans on pursuing a degree in Elementary and Special Education specializing in behavioral disorders and helping troubled youth. Nicole loves horses, animals and being outdoors. 

Alexander, Simpson College

Alexander has received many awards for chorus, speech, band cross country and academics, and is interested in majoring in Music Performance. Through opposition and struggle, Alexander chose to see better days through willpower and grit. Alexander strives to be the best version of himself because there is always an option for greatness. 

Deonte, Wartburg College

An Honor Roll student, Deonte has many interests including politics, video games, and sports. He is double majoring in Political Science and International Relations and minoring in German studies. He hopes to travel to many different countries in his life.


Haley, Morningside college

After receiving the awards for both Foreign Languages and Mathematics Student of the Month, Most Outstanding Novice in Debate, and for her volunteering activities in high school, Haley is attending Morningside College where would like to earn degrees in Counseling Psychology Sociology and Spanish. Haley enjoys exercise, coffee, cooking, traveling, and socializing.   

Talia, Iowa State University

Talia earned both varsity and academic letters, a government participation achievement, and took part in hundreds of hours of volunteer work during her high school career all while being a homeless youth.  Talia plans to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She is a fan of tattoos, the outdoors, team sports, reading, and is a proud member of the LGBT community.  She is proud to be a role model for those who are going through the same struggles.  

Daniel, Iowa State University

Daniel Plans to major n Fie arts and Design. After graduating he plans on being an artist/freelance designer and opening an studio to help other artists sell their artwork. Daniel is also interested in World History and Literature.


After becoming apart of the National Honor Society in high school, Andre moved on to Iowa State where we knew he wanted to work with computers.  He has since become a Computer Engineering major with plans to get into cyber security after graduation.  Andre looks forward to using his skills to stop crime and put a dent in the fastest growing field of criminal activity in the world.  


Breanna is a very social person and enjoys meeting new people and making plans with friends.  She enjoys drawing, painting, and cuddling her cat.  Breanna is majoring in English with plans to become a middle school English teacher and is excited to become the first person in her family to attend and graduate college.  She looks forward to inspiring young people to gain knowledge and fulfill their dreams through a good education from a teacher who is invested in their success.  She is a strong believer in positivism and overcoming obstacles and hopes to inspire others around her to feel the same way.